The Venue Pro

$5,100/Plus Shipping

The Perfect Beauty for Any Style Event!
  • 3-piece design with included carrying cases
  • Fits on the front seat of any car
  • Available in white with mirror face
  • Powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • Canon T6 camera for stunning photos
  • Large diameter ring-style beauty light with optional RGB control
  • Each piece weighs less than 20 pounds
  • Darkroom Booth Software
  • Printer not incuded
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Everyone has a square box on a stick these days… Be original! Our Venue Pro is the most unique looking, and recently imitated look of the past year! The venue pro’s Molded plastic shell is durable and resists the dings, dents, and scratches that plague aluminum photo units, so your unit will look new for years to come. Easy to clean, brand, and or wrap. Tiltable head accommodates people of all heights, as well as wheelchair and scooter users. Entire unit breaks down into two padded cases and will fit on the front seat of a car. Absolutely stunning mirrored face that cannot be properly appreciated in photographs. RGB vanity lights spring to life with white modeling lights at the start of each session for a dramatic effect. Comes with surface Pro 4 computer, Canon T6, as well as Darkroom Booth software. Printer Not Included. Includes Lifetime Support. (for original purchaser)